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Create More Value
for the Home and House

Engaged in the residential property service over the years, Vanke Service has accumulated rich experience in owner asset management and gained an insight into the lifestyles of owners.
Aspiring to be the asset manager for owners, Vanke Service provides full cycle property services based on real estate agency, house decoration and community assets to identify and enhance the true value of houses.

Vanke Rental and Sales Center

  Established in 2001 and specialized in providing real estate asset management services for Vanke owners.

Provide such real estate asset services like house management, new house selling agency,
resold house selling agency and equity trading.。

A business network covering46cities domestically   Providing agency services for180,000houses    Servicing over400,000owners

Decoration Center

Established in 2010, the Decoration Center is a service platform of decoration and home furnishings for Vanke owners.

The Decoration Center also provides owners with extended value preservation and appreciation services like real estate upgrade and renovation.

Providing services for premises over30,000,000m2   Servicing over300,000owners

Asset Investment

In respect of asset investment, Vanke Service identifies community assets with potentials among the projects under its management and enhance the value of assets via functional upgrade and renovation, and realize the value in a timely manner to provide value-added service.

Services generally available are: batch parking space investment, exclusive sale and sale by proxy;

partially available are asset operation and renovation of clubs and community stores.

Asset InvestmentFully Furnished ServiceRoughcast House Decoration

Time 」Advance Natural Aging of Houses

Time Line: Natural Aging of Community Houses
  Activated Community< Well-developed Community < Growth Community < Rejuvenated Community

House Rental & SaleHouse ManagementHouse Re-decoration

Humanity 」Bring Changes to Family Structure

Humanity Line: Changes of Family Structure
The World of Husband and Wife > A Family of Three People > Three Generations under one Roof > One Big Happy Family

Development History of Full Cycle Property Services

  • 2001

    The first Vanke Rental and Sales Center

    Was established in Shenzhen Vanke Golden Home, introducing

    Realtor service.

  • 2010

    The first Home Decoration Service Project

    Was completed by Guangzhou Vanke Service Decoration Center.

  • 2011

    House Management Service was introduced in Chengdu to provide owners with house maintenance, rental and realization services.

  • 2012

    Fully Furnished Service was first introduced in Hangzhou, Wuhan and Shanghai;

    And gradually promoted nationally in the same year.

Service Supervision Hotline in China4009-51-51-51

Headquarter address: No. 63, Meilin Rd., Futian District, Shenzhen, China Postcode: 518049