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Shenzhen V Canteen Catering Management Co., Ltd.

  V Canteen—Your  Fifth Dining Option

Being affiliated to Vanke Group and dedicated to serve communities of the group, Shenzhen V Canteen Catering Management Co., Ltd. upholds the concept of operating with small profit and serving the community, is committed to offering five meals a day for Vanke community residents, that is, energizing breakfast, diversified lunch, nutritious dinner, recreational afternoon tea, delicious midnight snack. Up to 20 varieties of more than 600 dishes are served at each meal time, no same dish is repeated in one day, and new varieties are added each month. No. 5 Canteen also prepares boiling series, casserole series, teppanyaki series, fruit drinks to cater for varied tastes. Meanwhile, takeaway delivery and meals for organization are also available to office building, enterprises, institutions, households, communities, and supermarkets of the neighborhood to deliver nutritious, affordable, convenient and safe catering service.

  • School canteen dishes are not nourishing

  • Company caferteria is unrelaxing

  • Public catering service is not 100 percent safe

  • Cooking by oneself is too tiring

Neighborhood Fresh Offer – O2O Community-oriented Service Platform Specially Offering Fresh Produce

Let community residents enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables of high quality and reliable supply source delivered to their doors. The fresh and healthy organic food materials are picked up at fields and directly delivered to each home. It offers high-quality life and convenient service to residents.

Palm-Meal – O2O Service Platform Specially Offering Delicacies

Intelligent terminal at hand, thousands of delicacies are within reach. The self-service feature can reduce the logistic cost. Takeaway service of nutritious and convenient meals is provided for community residents. Make an order through V Canteen WeChat Official Account, and then pick up the meal at the intelligent warm-serving cabinet.

Yueshihui – Community Convenience Food Store

Yueshihui mainly offers breakfast made of whole grains, providing community residents convenient food choice featuring freshness, intelligence, sharing and creativity. As the new generation of community catering service terminal developed by V Canteen, it taps into the advantages of a convenience store being readily available and in a favorable location, to cater for a high and rigid dining demand of community residents, afford them with tasty light meals in fashionable means, and meanwhile give them a place to experience culture and communicate with each other.

Fresh Life Style
  • Management: Strict procurement management

  • Standardized production control

  • QSC management

  • Complete equipment configuration

  • Perfect process system

  • Energizing breakfast

  • Nutritious fast food

  • Takeaway delivery

  • Meals for organization

  • Fresh produce delivery O2O

  • Boost property sales

  • Improve community’s supporting functions

  • Enrich community culture

  • Improve Vanke’s brand image

  • Attain higher client satisfaction

V Canteen has multiple service projects in many regions throughout the country

Take the lead in promoting O2O mode in community catering service

Currently, V Canteen has multiple service projects in many regions throughout the country.

No. Canteen plans to go along with Vanke’s property project development to further expand its service nationwide, benefitting Vanke communities and other communities alike with Neighborhood Fresh Offer, Palm-Meal, and Yueshihui. Based on the efficient O2O service mode, V Canteen aims at providing convenient, quality-assured, and fashionable catering service to homes around China.

V Canteen’s pursuit of quality can be deemed as obsession. Backed by the management team consisting of senior executives of Vanke Rui Service and former veteran management personnel of McDonald’s, it well combines scientificity, rigorousness, and thoughtfulness of Vanke property management with matured mode and standardization of McDonald’s system, having in service well-trained team which bears deep insights into community catering management and operation, to ensure constant service upgrade and product quality betterment according to clients’ need, gain an edge in an ever-changing market environment, and become a leader of O2O mode in community catering service.

Nutrition-balanced Diet, Quality-assured Meal. Food safety is essential to catering service suppliers. Our clients can see clearly the whole operation process through an open kitchen and eat at ease.

V Canteen only chooses brand suppliers, and never uses genetically modified food. By strictly controlling the first link of food safety, it ensures the freshness, safety, nutrition, and soundness of food material.

We promote an environment-friendly consumption culture, uphold communication and respect, thus our clients can have a sense of home and enjoy the taste of home cooking here in V Canteen. What we offer is not just meal, but a place where you have a leisurely time and enjoy friendly communication with your neighbors.

Company History
  • 2016

    Intelligent catering started to serve community in 2016

  • 2015

    Partnership mechanism and employee stock ownership plan were introduced in 2015

  • 2014

    V Canteen had 10 outlets running nationwide in 2014

  • 2013

    Opened at Shenzhen Vanke Wonderland in 2013

  • 2012

    Officially renamed as V Canteen in 2012 and started operation in Shenzhen Vanke City

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V Canteen Style
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  • Products

Service Supervision Hotline in China4009-51-51-51

Headquarter address: No. 63, Meilin Rd., Futian District, Shenzhen, China Postcode: 518049