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Even if the storm turns the city upside down, we're beside you……

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One of the cities which can hardly snow—in our Great Fuzhou

It snowed! The temperature of Yongtai Dream Town, which is 60km away from the downtown, is 3-5℃ lower than that of downtown.

But they're still sticking on the post.

(Fig.: Winter scenery of Yongtai Dream Town)

For storm attacking, the ground was flooded with water. The safety officers poured water to find the floor drain, dredge the pipe to drain the mud, and avoid water flowing to the owner's home which will lead to property damage to the owner.

The women of the property management company worked with bare hand. The elderly owners suggested them to wear protective gears.

They observed that the young people are taking care of the community as their own home.

(Fig. Thunderstorm in Apr. 2017)

There were four thunderstorms in 2017. In case of serious thunderstorm, the property management staff carried out patrol for 24 hours. The owners showed their gratitude and also spontaneously participate in mud drainage. They contribute for the beautiful garden.

So what should we do if the storm comes?

Indoor security--precautions in rainstorm days

1. Before the thunder and lightning strike, the aging wire should be replaced in a timely manner.

Check electrical wiring before the thunder and lightning strike. The aging wire should be replaced in a timely manner by professional property management staff.

2. In lightning weather, unplug the power supply of television.

Turn off the television when heavy thunderstorm is coming. Unplug the power supply of television. In case of unsteady power grid power supply, voltage variation exceeds the rated bearing range of television. It is prone to unsafe phenomena.

3. In lightning weather, do not use water stored in solar water heater for showering.

Basically, solar water heater is installed on the roof which is prone to lightning.

4. In thunder and lightning weather, do not use a mobile phone to ensure security.

In raining and lightning weather, use wired and wireless phones and computers carefully. In thunderstorm weather, when the mobile phone is on, the electromagnetic wave signal is strong while making telephone call. It is prone to inducing "inductive thunder".

Outdoor security--precautions in rainstorm days

1. Do not stop under a tree or billboard that is powered by a power line.

Once the wind blows the branches off or the billboard blown down, it is likely to break or attach to the wires. It is very dangerous.

2. Don't touch the trees near the wire.

When the trees grow year by year, many crowns are surrounded by wires. The wires may be damaged by an insulating layer over long periods of friction. In the case of thunderstorm, the trees and lines will collide which may cause short circuit and discharge.

3. Do not close to the telegraph pole and electric wire

The upper end of electric wire is close to the electric wire. Unexpected conditions in bad weather can lead to electrification of lines.

4. Do not walk in water logging

Choose roads without water. If water logging is required, make sure that no electric wire drops in water logging to avoid electric shock accident.

5. In case of electric shock, do not get close nor help the person to stand up

In case of electric shock in water, do not get close nor help the person to stand up. Emergency measures should be taken to cut off the electric power supply. After confirming that water is without electricity, the person attacked by electric shock can only be rescued or dial 120 to seek for medical support.

The last method is to go for property manager for help.

Of course, Yongtai Dream Town needs them. (Cleaning, delivering water and repairing pipes…)

Thanks to their diligence, Yongtai Dream Town shows beautiful scenery.

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