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Vanke Service participated in the Property Management Industry Expo

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On Oct. 11, 2017 International Property Management Industry Expo opened at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, many top 100 property management enterprises participated in the EXPO. Vanke Service proposed the concept of "opening up, cooperation and win-win". Property ecosystem has been constantly improving around consumption upgrading, asset management, Internet +, artificial intelligence and other aspects to remold property value which has aroused wide concern in the industry.  

Scientific and technological innovation promotes property management ecological architecture

With the development of the consumption upgrade trend, the impact of the modern industry on the traditional property industry has been increasing. Community residents have imposed stricter requirements on intellectualization and Internet for consumption scene. In order to optimize user experience, Vanke Service has integrated Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data analysis and other technologies to people's real life. It is devoted to intelligentizing property management and providing more intelligent lifestyle for owners.  

Relying on the mobile internet, Vanke Service, the leader of property management industry in China, launched Farsighted Service. In 2015, Vanke Service started comprehensive marketization. Through the Farsighted Service cooperation mode, Vanke Service shared this set of solution to the cooperative partners. It is worth mentioning that the "Live Here" APP launched by Vanke Service is accessible to community residents and property management via one-key Call Manager, online charge checking and payment, no card access and other functions. It promotes neighborhood social interaction and mutual assistance via neighborhood sharing, Neighborhood Market etc.

What's more important is that Vanke Service is linked to the local life service window——58.com. It provides the optimal life services, including door-to-door services, second-hand car and sales, customized online financial services for the user. It can satisfy the service consumption demands of the owner from various aspects of residential life. Through Internet application system upgrading, Vanke Service has realized overall "data" management of people, things and money. This is not only an upgrade of technology, but also a convergence of technology and humanity, which will create more sunshine community and more transparent property.

Six sectors compose the business ecology

In addition to Farsighted Service, it is linked to 58.com to create intelligent and humanized life scenes. Through engaging in this industry for many years, Vanke Service has built a business ecology composed of six business sectors, namely residential property services, commercial office property services, developer services, assets-based services, building-based services and customer mobile Internet terminal-based service. The commercial office property services are particularly prominent, not inferior to residential property services at all.

It is understood that the business form of Vanke Service commercial office business are classified to corporate headquarters, government agencies, commercial office buildings, urban complex, industrial park et. In order to help commercial office customers to focus on core business development, the FM facilities management services provided by Vanke Service focus on enhancing the use efficiency of spatial place. Taking space as the unit, through comprehensive integration of facilities, assets, processes and personnel, the usage cost can be reduced to improve work efficiency and create values for the customer.

Since its establishment, Vanke Service adheres to the core value of "Reassurance, Engagement, Trust and Co-existence" to provide professional and high-quality property services for the customer. In June 2017, relying on specialty services of the corporation headquarters base, Vanke Service was awarded the first place in the 2017 Chinese featured property services leading enterprises selected by China Index Academy.

Industrial honors and customer recognition drive Vanke Service to continuously expand the business scope. By the end of February 2017, the area of Vanke Service commercial office area has reached 20,320,000m2. Among them, corporate headquarters service has been increasing rapidly. At present, Vanke Service has provided corporate headquarters service for global well-known enterprises, including Tencent coastal global headquarters located at Binhai, Shenzhen , Tencent WeChat headquarters, China headquarters of Ali Beijing Greenland, Ant Financial headquarters, Jingdong headquarters, national gene bank, BGI headquarters, IFM project of Huawei national representative office, global training center etc.

Please Day promotes the construction of community culture

The construction of scene ecology and business ecology mark the construction of Vanke Service ecology. The spiritual culture construction is an important component for user experience optimization. But most of the property management enterprises are not aware of the importance of cultural construction.

At the end of Sept. 2017, Vanke Service initiated an annual large public welfare activity——"Please Day of Smart Alliance" officially. Please Day is carried out in more than 1200 communities which are distributed in 55 cities of China for about one month.

The Please Day of this year takes "Hello neighbor" as the theme. It is aimed to focus on promote traditional culture, shorten the distance between neighbors and promote interaction between communities. Among the offline activities, Nametag Tearing, community check in, parent-child games and so on are welcomed by the owners and community residents.

Mr. Li, an owner of Beijing Changyangbandao said that "The games in this Please Day are very exciting. I have met many neighbors. Although we live in the same community, we have never had the opportunity to meet each other before since we are busy. By taking part in this activity, we can play ball, climb mountains with neighbors and have a relaxed weekend. The activity is quite meaningful."

In addition to the wonderful and diversified offline activities, Vanke Service launched the confession interactive game at "Please Day" for the first time, and synchronously carried out live broadcast of "Please Day" opening ceremony. Among them, on-line neighbor confession interactive game H5——"Neighbors, please listen to me". The owners can compare the interesting changes in the relationship between the ancient and modern neighborhoods, and can send a blessing to the neighbors to win a prize. When the activity is just launched, it has attracted more than 100,000 people to take part in. In the warmhearted game settings, neighbors expressed the views and longings of the humanistic relations in the neighborhood through online communication.

CEO of Vanke Service Zhu Baoquan said that "Community is the cell unit of society. Harmonious community is the foundation of social harmony and happiness. Vanke Service is devoted to Allowing more users to experience the delight of property service, and making more customers feel happy which are the original intentions of Vanke Service to hold the community cultural festival."  

With the increase of labor cost, the annual decrease of the gross profit rate of enterprises and the limited price policies repeatedly issued by the government, the development of the property management industry is facing great challenges; on the other hand, consumption upgrading, development cooperation, technology development, etc. have created opportunities for the property management industry. Facing the opportunities and challenges in the market environment, Vanke Service always sticks to the nature of property management, namely dealing with all "issues" and providing services to customers.

As a property management industry standards maker, Vanke Service integrates community resources via data and information technology, activates great productivity contained in property management, adheres to introduce external high-quality resources to improve the property ecology, promotes traditional culture and promote the construction of spiritual civilization. In the future, Vanke Service will always be committed to creating more professional, humanized, intelligent and diversified property management services so that more customers can experience considerate property services.

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