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"V Smart Alliance Please Day" held the grand opening ceremony in 1,200 communities distributed in 55 cities.

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On Sept. 24, Vanke Service initiated an annual large public welfare activity——"Please Day of Smart Alliance" officially.  

It is reported that the opening ceremony of 2017 Please Day officially started on September 24, and lasted to about October 31. The "Please Day" covered 55 cities in more than 1,200 communities. Vanke Service issued the Please Pact together with thousands of streets. This "Please Day" chose Chongqing as the main venue. It also made further innovation in activity form and activity contents.

In the game Nametag Tearing, a game popular throughout the country, strange neighbors got familiar with each other.

The emerging of modern high-rise apartments has become a framework with relative restraining force which has hindered the communication between neighbors. Therefore, Vanke Service set the theme of 2017 "Please Day" as "Hello neighbor!" which focuses on promoting traditional culture, appealing neighbors to make friendly greeting, and advocate more intimate relationship with neighbors.  

In order to make the neighbors know each other, and strengthen communication, the "barrier" between them should be break through. At the opening ceremony of the Please Day throughout the country, we carried out the Nametag Tearing to let neighbors know each other. "Nametag Tearing" means to tear off the invisible barrier between neighbors, break the distant relationship between neighbors and re-establish friendly neighborhood relationships. It is reported that in the coming opening ceremony the neighbors participated in the activity will write the name on the bottom layer of the nameplate, find the neighbor you want to know and form a group. Following the command of the host, neighbors tear off the nameplate of the other to know the neighbor and write the blessing words on the nameplate as a gift.

Online communication at "Please Day" will break through the temporal and spatial constraints.

The previous "Please Day" festivals mainly focuses on offline activities, opening ceremony party, parent-child activities etc. The Please Day of this year added a lot of innovative ideas for online communication and interaction.

The 2017 Please Day initially launched online neighbor confession interaction H5 throughout the country——"Neighbors, please listen to me". Online participation can interact with neighbors across cities and communities. Through comparing ancient and modern neighborhood relations, H5 is mainly to arouse the thoughts on neighborhood relations, and further break the limits of time and space and complete the interaction between neighbors through online "tearing off barrier).

Furthermore, the opening ceremony of Please Day of this year will realize online image-text live broadcast. All owners in China can feel different local customs synchronously on the network at the Please Day. That's to say the neighbors in Shenzhen can see the activities carried out in Shanghai, and the neighbors in Shanghai can also see the confessions of their neighbors in Beijing. Online activities, regardless of the pattern or participation threshold and interestingness, are closer to the community.

Please Pact was issued initially to introduce more traditional cultural activities to communities.

The Please Pact will focus on traditional culture, community and other aspects to strengthen communication between families, neighbors, streets and communities. Combine the force of the streets, property and owner to promote the construction of community spiritual civilization. It will be issued to about 1,200 communities in 65 large and medium-sized cities covered by Vanke Service.  

In addition to Please Pact, the activities of this Please Day paid more attentions on traditional culture. The main venue of Please Day was set in Chongqing. In addition to Gongfu tea, rolling loop, rubber band skipping, changing faces and spitting fire, sugar painting and other traditional culture forms, Shenyang Er ren zhuan, Shanghai Cheongsam show, Xiamen "mooncake gambling" and Guangzhou "One Hundred Family Feast" were showed as well.  

The grand opening ceremony of the Please Day of this year was held on Sept. 24. The mountain city Chongqing was selected as the main venue. Chongqing presents special terrain, three sides facing water, and one side facing the mountain. It is a charming city. It is believed that the "Please Day" setting Chongqing as the main venue will be quite special.

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