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Vanke Service Foray into Hong Kong Market

Publisher : Wen Huibao
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Zhu Baoquan of Vanke (the third on the left) pointed out that the property management will be more localized for projects in Hong Kong.

Zhu Baoquan, a Vanke SVP and CEO of Property Management Division, said that Vanke Service (mainly refers to property management) will expand the business to Hong Kong together with Vanke real estate development to provide services for projects in Hong Kong.  

Zhu Baoquan emphasized that the company attaches great importance to the Hong Kong market, and intends to develop in Hong Kong for long term. The property management will be more localized in the future. The staff will be employed from Hong Kong local HR market, and the headquarters of Vanke Service will provide management technology supports.

In the past, Vanke Service only focused on development in the mainland with 2,356 contracted projects, and applied multiple advanced smart technologies. Hong Kong is the first target development area beside the mainland. Mr. Zhu said that it is of the top priority to develop Hong Kong business at present. Expansion is not the main purpose. Instead, we consider Hong Kong as a strategic platform for outward development to detect whether the technology of Vanke Service can be recognized internationally, can meet international standards, and can be referenced by the development of other regions of Asia in the future.

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