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Christmas decoration feast Amazing and high Christmas decoration of Shenzhen Vanke Service

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Open the calendar, the Christmas has come. The whole world is in a romantic atmosphere. Recently, besides requesting a Christmas hat from the WeChat team at the Circle of Friends, you may be pleasantly surprised by the Christmas decoration made by Shenzhen Vanke Service. Christmas decoration, presenting good-looking appearance of the festival to people, is the platform for artists and designers to show their imaginations. On this Christmas, Shenzhen Vanke Service will bring you surprise by showing the decorated commercial office buildings.

Stars adorn the night sky with the anticipation and sweetness in the heart. Ride in the Christmas balloon to make a wonderful and fantasy trip! Fuchundongfang Mansion broke through traditional Christmas decorations. Combining with the building layout, huge steel ribbons balloons and lobby pillar were integrated. Cute Santa and reindeers rode in the Christmas balloon to enjoy the Christmas. The whole set uses shining stars to light up the jungle. The decoration and lobby layout were integrated and echoed to each other to give full play to the advantages of materials and images, and create a simple, vivid, lively and high-quality sensory atmosphere. PS: You may ask whether the cute Santa will bring you surprise. Hush...Let me tell you. Yes, you may get a small Christmas gift on the Christmas balloon!  

Funny and interesting Christmas journey|Shenzhen Vanke Fuchundongfang Mansion

Lighting Christmas tree|Shenzhen Yihaicheng

Yihaicheng Christmas tree molding was inspired by wall sculpture of Israeli artist David Gerstein. It created a different stereo Christmas tree with high ornamental value in exaggerated vivid image and bright color. In addition, the Christmas decoration of Yihaicheng expressed the humanistic concern advocated by Vanke Service. As David Gerstein said: "My art is based on memory, just like the shadow of a person's childhood.”The colorful Christmas tree represents the natural world in the eyes of children, as well as the childhood remembered when adults grow up. The snowflakes decorated the building are more interesting. Regular snowflakes are in hexagon. However, those used by Vanke Service are in octagon spliced by LOGO”V” which is unique and exclusive customized. The combination mode is also the presentation of LOGO used by Vanke Service in the past. It is a kind of greeting and imagination as well.

Christmas tree and anthem | Shenzhen Tianyu Central Plaza, Honglifang Vanke Mansion

We wish you a Merry Christmas,and happy new year! Everyone may be wondering: what should Christmas be like? Vanke Service tells you -- Christmas should be joyful! At Shenzhen Tianyu Central Plaza and Honglifang Vanke Mansion, fashionable colors, sugar red, Tiffany pink and Tiffany blue, as well as light bulbs and snowflakes loved by the white-collar workers in office buildings. All theses elements built a unique shining Christmas tree, just like what described in the Christmas anthem "Bring some puddings and bring some candies. If you don't give something, we won't go!"Does this Christmas tree looking like a candy and macarons make you pleasant and appetitive? Matching with the Christmas tree dinner in Vanke LOGO snowflake dinner plates, building curtain walls and the glass door customization octagonal snowflake embellishment, this scene is beyond of your imaging.

For many people, Christmas decoration is a way to reconnect with their childhood, said by psychologist Maureen. In Shenzhen, a young and fast-paced city, especially the urban white-collar workers who work hard in office buildings, are inevitable affected by anxiety and manic depression. The festival atmosphere of the building not only needs to manifest your taste, but also shows humanistic care. Based on detailed studies on the service and presentation of commercial office projects, Shenzhen Vanke Service combined Christmas decoration aesthetic and humanistic care. At the end of 2017, it presented an elaborate Christmas New Year visual feast which praised life with art for the customers and made them go back to joy and innocence. It was never expected that this was warmly welcomed by commercial office customers of Shenzhen Vanke Service, and made the festival atmosphere even higher.

Next, commercial office projects undertaken by Shenzhen Vanke Service will make holiday decorations and activities with craftsmanship and ingenuity to create satisfaction and surprise to business office customers.

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